Daniel’s Grace held their 3rd Annual Roast on the River on Sunday, Nov. 13 at Steinhilber’s Restaurant. It was a day of oysters (both raw and grilled), Sweetwater Cuisine’s addictive fried chicken, Steinhilber’s famous fried shrimp with Steiny’s Sauce, a spread of eats, plenty of drinks, pies and cakes, and mingling with friends for a great cause—all while enjoying a spectacular view of the Lynnhaven River.

Let’s talk more about these pies and cakes for a moment. A very tasty component of the event was a pie and cake contest where amateur bakers of all ages were invited to bake a sweet treat and bring it to the event. A panel of judges were divided—half sampled cakes; the other sampled pies. I was on the pie side, what a good side to be on. Here’s a rundown of pies that were entered in the contest:

roast on the river pies

Pecan Pie, Number 1 loaded with flavor—and pecans

pecan pie

Classic Pumpkin Pie (the original dish that inspired the #PSL)

pumpkin pie

Exquisite Pie packed with coconut, nuts and raisins. Exquisite indeed!

exquisite pie

OMG Chocolate Pie with a chocolate chip cookie texture and a gooey chocolate center

omg chocolate pie

Pecan Pie Number 2, beautifully decorated with pecans circling the top

pecan pie

Key Lime Pie with a crumbly graham cracker crust and a tart and tangy filling

key lime pie

Each pie was judged on presentation, taste, creativity and for being the most memorable. In the end, the OMG Chocolate Pie, baked by Barbara Moore, proved to be the best all around.  

No pie is complete without ice cream, and guests were in for a real treat with liquid nitrogen ice cream being made on site.

liquid nitrogen ice cream liquid nitrogen ice cream

The sweetest part of the day, however, was the incredible donations raised during a live and silent auction. Proceeds totaling $127,000 went to Daniel’s Grace, a local nonprofit organization that provides sustenance, ease of financial burden and support for daily living for families stricken with cancer. The organization was started by Jodi Newland, owner of Sweetwater Cuisine, and inspired by her late husband’s battle with cancer and his regret of wishing he’d done more to enrich the lives of others.

Daniel’s Grace was selected as one of Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Giving Back Award recipients for 2016. See the rest of the winning nonprofit organizations here.

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