Assistant Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, NAVFAV LANT

“I believe that if we had more women in power, we would see less global conflict and more compromise, leading to more progress in our world.”


Nicolle Vasquez FaveroThis Woman on the Rise has no intention of slowing down. Nicolle Vasquez Del Favero boasts an extensive portfolio of legal work, project proposals and countless hours of volunteer efforts with Norfolk Public Schools and the Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach. In the office, she works tirelessly to advocate for survivors of domestic violence, serving as both their counsel and voice during their fight for justice. As a JLNVB member, she garners community support to promote awareness around menstrual health, feminine hygiene and children’s literacy. When one project is completed, Vasquez Del Favero moves right into the next, continually exposing inequalities and injustices and fighting for change.


What is your daily inspiration for being a better leader?

I have a paperweight on my desk that I look at every day. In it is a quote by Mary Shelley, ‘beware for I am fearless and therefore powerful.’


Which life experience prompted your interest in representing military clients?

While in college I met my now husband, then an ROTC cadet preparing for the U.S. Marine Corps. Throughout our eight years of dating, I became immersed in the military lifestyle and quickly realized the stark differences in the way domestic violence was addressed in the civilian world as compared to the military. I decided that change needed to happen, and I was going to work towards effectuating that change.


Beyoncé says, “Who run the world? Girls.” True or False?

FACT. 100% true.

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