If you’re committed to living green in your home—composting, conserving water and energy, planting native species in the backyard—it’s time to take your dedication to ensuring a cleaner and healthier Chesapeake Bay one step further by signing up to become a Bay Star Home.

The program, which originated in the City of Norfolk, is now open to all citizens in Coastal Virginia through the region-wide askHRgreen.org public awareness and education campaign. To enroll, visit askHRgreen.org/BayStarHomes, and pledge to practice at least eight environmentally-friendly behaviors in your home and yard that will have a lasting impact on the waterways.

“It takes a community of individuals making small changes to protect our waterways and restore their vitality,” says Julia B. Hillegass, askHRgreen.org team member. “Bay Star Homes is just one way to ensure we each protect the region’s most defining resource—water.”

After signing up online, Bay Star Home participants will receive a welcome packet full of green tips and information and may also become eligible for additional environmental offerings from city or county programs. Program offerings vary by locality, but all participants will be recognized with a Bay Star Homes garden flag.

So far more than 1,000 Coastal Virginians have joined the program. Options to fit every type of resident—homeowners, renters, apartment-dwellers and those living in the suburbs or on rural farms—prove it is easy being green and committing to a cleaner, healthier Bay. 


To learn more about Bay Star Homes or to register your home for the program, visit askHRgreen.org/BayStarHomes.

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