One of our favorite shifts in the food pyramid paradigm in the past few years has been that we—the collective we—eat too much animal protein. Forget eschewing meat altogether; we are talking about shifting the center of the plate more toward plant-based food.

Enter Fruitive, a five-year-old restaurant and juice bar that offers healthy, creative eats so good you may be saying, “Where’s the beef? Who cares?”

The menu features wraps and sandwiches (Avo Portobello Panini, anyone?), salads and salad steamers (think one part salad, one part soup), liquid meals (like smoothies but packed with more nutrients) and superberry bowls.

One of our favorites? The PB No J Superberry Bowl, an açaí berry smoothie base topped with house-made granola, cacao nibs, banana and other such deliciousness.

Meat, at Fruitive you’ve met your match.



Fruitive is located at 1624 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach. 757-351-0559.

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