If Cheers were set in a fish house and oyster bar, Sam Malone might have been slinging bivalves behind the bar.

Comfortable. Convivial. That’s Harpoon Larry’s.

From an extensive seafood-centric menu, we gravitate toward the oysters. An extensive list gives you a little bit of information about each offering, including origin (for example, did you know Seaford Stars come from Virginia?) and flavor profile.

And while we love them on the half shell, there are other ways we adore oysters, too. Take the Oyster Salad: fried oysters sitting pretty atop spinach and mixed greens with peppers, onions and goat cheese in a champagne vinaigrette. The perfect accompaniment is a rich and rewarding bowl of oyster stew.

Harpoon Larry’s Fish House & Oyster Bar is located at 621 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News. Call 757-827-0600 or click here for more info. 

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