Summer means eating light, and when the temperatures soar, we love grabbing something fresh and tossing a salad.

We grab veggies and other toppings at our favorite farmers’ market, but for the salad foundation, we love the greens and lettuces from The Neighborhood Harvest.

And just like those cucumbers and other goodies, these greens and lettuces also come from a local farm. Items like arugula, Bibb lettuce, firecracker lettuce, harvest mix, leaf lettuce, mesclun mix, red leaf lettuce, romaine, tatsoi and watercress are hydroponically grown in pesticide- and GMO-free greenhouses.

What is important about that is that the lettuces and other items aren’t pelted by acid rain, nibbled on (or piddled on) by animals or treated with harmful chemicals.

Most convenient is that The Neighborhood Harvest drops off the items right at your doorstep through a subscription service; the produce is cut the day before delivery. With the items being beyond organic and cut and packaged fresh, they last up to three times longer than store-bought greens. They also deliver other items, like herbs and microgreens.

So, raise a fork to summer, and get tossing. Regardless of where you get your produce, make sure you buy fresh and buy local.


For information on The Neighborhood Harvest, visit For information on Buy Fresh Buy Local, visit

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