The experts at field lots of environmental questions when out and about in the community. Their knowledge and expertise covers topics ranging from what’s recyclable to fertilizing tips to hazardous waste and everything in between. Recently, they hit the streets and asked Coastal Virginia residents a few questions of their own to find out how much citizens know about local tap water. The experience is documented in their “What Do You Know?” video series available online.

“There was a wide range of responses, but when the real answers were revealed, many people were pleasantly surprised,” says Katie Cullipher, an team member. “For instance, a gallon of tap water costs less than one penny. When you compare that to other household bills, such as your monthly cell phone fee or cable TV subscription, you realize how affordable tap water really is.”

Most people don’t often stop to consider the true value of tap water, but it plays an important role in everyday lives. Tap water helps to safeguard public health, support the economy, protect against the threat of fire and maintain the overall quality of life that citizens enjoy in Coastal Virginia. And it’s available from faucets 24/7/365 thanks to the more than 6,500 miles of pipeline that stretch across the region.

So how many gallons of water do Coastal Virginia residents use as a region in one day? And how many gallons of tap water does the average person use? Those were two of the questions posed in the “What Do You Know” video series. Test your knowledge against other residents, and find the answers by tuning in at

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