From Converse kicks to boat shoes, grooms have been getting creative with their footwear, adding individual flair without sacrificing elegance. Shoes are quickly becoming a way for grooms to complement the scenery, elevate a theme or even express their own personal style. Helping your guy find a perfect pair for the big day? Here’s our nifty guide:

On the Water: When you live in Coastal Virginia, waterfront weddings are a given, with our beautiful rivers, lakes, the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean. Boat shoes keep in step with the scenery while remaining tasteful.

captain boat shoe by dunham adams shoes newport news

Captain Boat Shoe in Tan by Dunham, Adams Shoes, Newport News

Going Gatsby: When there’s a request for black-tie attire, there’s nothing ritzier than a pair of glossy, black patent leather lace-ups or loafers.

brodie black tie tuxedo shoe calvin klein

Brodie Black Tuxedo Shoe by Calvin Klein, Men’s Wearhouse, Virginia Beach

bernard formal dress shoe calvin klein men's wearhouse virginia beach

Bernard Formal Dress Shoe, both by Calvin Klein, Men’s Wearhouse, Virginia Beach

Comfort Meets Class: We’ve known patent leather to jive in posh weddings (See “Going Gatsby”), but what happens when it’s built into a pair of high-top Converses? These are what we like to call “comfy chic.”

patent leather converse sneakers

Black Patent Leather High-Top Tennis Shoes by Converse, Men’s Wearhouse, Virginia Beach

Flaunt Your Style: While you’ve found the perfect suit, your shoes may be itching for a modern twist. Allow your wedding colors to paint your shoes—only metaphorically, of course. Classic Vans make a colorful statement while adding that extra dose of personal style.  

vans wedding shoes 17th street virginia beach

Americana Authentic in Dress Blues, Authentic in Fusion Coral, Authentic Lo Pro’ in Purple and all by Vans, 17th Street Surf Shop, Virginia Beach

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