Last Wednesday, amid the non-stop rain, chilly temperatures and overall Netflix-binge-watching kind of atmosphere, the husband and I decided to do something a little different—we were going to play Bingo. Now, before you picture us shuffling out the door (I in a crocheted shawl and he in penny loafers and cabbie cap), hitting an early bird special and snagging a good parking spot for our Oldsmobile at the bingo hall, keep one thing in mind—this isn't your grandmother's bingo.

Bourbon. Burgers. Bingo. If any three words will motivate someone to leave the house on a cold, rainy night in the middle of the week, those are the words. Croc's 19th Street Bistro in Virginia Beach began hosting this monthly event last summer, and based on the lively crowd, it's been a success so far.

The free event is hosted by the boisterous, outspoken and undeniably fun Victoria Foster, who also hosts Croc's Drag Yourself To Brunch on Sundays. Bingo goes from 6–9 p.m., but we arrived a little late. Most of the folks in attendance had already sampled one—or two—or three bourbon drinks and were quite spirited and eager to begin the next game.

Once the round had commenced, Foster began calling out Bingo numbers swiftly and steadily (the rounds move fast, so pay attention to keep up) while mixing in some risqué humor in along the way. Before long, a woman called out, "Bingo!" and got to go home with a Croc's gift certificate and a brand new salad spinner.

croc's 19th street bingo

While we waited for the next round, we had some nibbles and sips. Croc's offers a custom menu on Bingo nights with Woodford Reserve bourbon drinks (including Woodford on the rocks, Not Your Grandma's Ole Fashioned and a sassy mint julep) as well as bourbon-inspired dishes, like bourbon burgers (also veggie burgers) and bourbon wings—even bourbon desserts. I went with the bourbon-grilled shrimp Caesar salad—a slightly healthier and super satisfying choice with charred Romaine, succulent shrimp, grated parmesan and creamy Caesar zigzagged atop the lettuce.

croc's grilled shrimp caesar salad croc's 19th street bistro shrimp caesar salad

On the next round, I was the lucky winner and claimed a shoe organizer, a selfie stick, a Croc's T-shirt and gift certificate as my prize—along with a Fireball shot. Not bad for a rainy Wednesday.

Next month, Croc's is changing their Bingo schedule to 'Tacky Tuesday.' Beginning March 15, their Bingo night will begin with happy hour at 6 p.m. and Bingo starting at 7 p.m. and lasting until 9 p.m. They'll have a new menu and new drink specials then, too. Stay in the loop by visiting their website or following them on Facebook.

Read more about Victoria Foster here.

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