It’s not a birthday cake—it’s a birthday suit, of sorts. The “naked cake” trend for weddings keeps going strong. From elegant to rustic, these stylish after-dinner delights can be completely nude, with no icing at all, or “half-dressed,” with just a smattering of frosting or a coating of crumbs. Florals, greenery, sugared fruit, a classic cake topper or even macarons provide the accessories for these simply exquisite and scantily clad confections. Here’s a look at some of the most attractive stripped-down sweets from local bakeries.


Naked Cake

Cakes by Charlie, Williamsburg

Photo by Kelly Mihalcoe

Naked Cake

Cakes to Remember, Gloucester

Photo by Erica Westmoreland

Naked Cake

Carolina Cupcakery, Chesapeake and Norfolk

Photo by Fowler Studios

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