My name is Rebekah Mulford, and I am a content editor and blogger here at Coastal Virginia Magazine. A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend, Danny, proposed to me. That weekend, Danny and I decided we didn’t want to wait very long to get married—and when I say very long, I mean four months away in early November. While we were welcomed with joyful encouragement, we also received some not so encouraging responses like, “Wow! That’s so soon!” 

“It is?” I thought. Before starting the planning process, I believed four months was plenty of time, but I’m learning that most engagements last about a year. For us, the motivation for our short engagement simply comes down to this: Danny and I are ready to be married, and we don’t want to wait a year to begin our life together! This weekly blog will document our journey to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Conley—where we began, where we’re going and all the crazy ins and outs of planning a wedding in just four months.

Quickly #BecomingConley is for all those brides that have decided to brave the perilous and exciting road of a short engagement. Every week, I’ll spill insider details: the pain, the joy, but most importantly, the love and excitement that comes along with wedding planning. 

In the upcoming weeks, meet Danny and me, a true definition of an ‘opposites attract’ kind of couple. Hear our engagement story. Be there as I say ‘yes’ to the dress, find a venue, track down caterers and more! If you’re planning your own wedding, get helpful tips on making a timeline (this is very important, especially for short engagements), prioritizing details, budgeting your wedding and other useful “How-To” topics.

I’m on my way to becoming Mrs. Conley, so buckle up! It’s going to be an exciting ride.


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