July 8, 2015 was when Danny first asked me out, so we decided to do something special this year for our one-year anniversary. Even though I knew Danny wanted to marry me, the big, lingering question was ‘When is this guy going to propose?’ Then it dawned on me—maybe he’ll take the next step on our one-year anniversary! Naturally, I asked him one night, “Is that when you’re planning to propose?” 

“That would be a good idea,” he said, “but I actually haven’t bought the ring yet.” 

I was not happy.

This, it turns out, was a lie. He had already purchased the ring and asked my dad if he could marry me. I have a tendency to ruin Danny’s surprises, and he wanted to catch me off guard. Danny had an amazing proposal planned for our one-year anniversary, but first he had to throw me off the scent. 

July 8 rolled around, and we had an entire day of fun and relaxation planned. Step one—Sushi King for lunch. Step two—Escape Room 757. In my blogging role here at Coastal Virginia, I have learned that there are actual proposals that happen in these escape rooms. I of course had this in the back of my mind when we got locked in that tiny room. The only problem was we were in the room with four strangers. After an amazing 40 minutes of clue solving and deduction, we found the treasure! Danny got on his knees and started digging around in the treasure. My heart started racing. Was this it? Then he stood up quickly, empty handed and walked away. No ring. At that point, I gave up hope that today was engagement day.

Step three—we got dressed to the nines for a romantic dinner at Aldo’s Ristorante. Danny told me he had one more surprise planned for me after dinner, but it was time-sensitive. He purposefully had me eat slowly and take my time. 


After a delicious meal of decadent Italian food, we headed to my parent’s house to “get something before the surprise.” Suddenly a small rain shower began. Danny’s face immediately dropped. He told me it couldn’t rain for his surprise. I told him I didn’t mind getting wet, but he looked so bummed out. Thankfully, the shower stopped before we reached the house. 

Danny pulled quickly into my parent’s driveway. The lights outside the house were turned out. This was unusual since both my parents and my sister’s family should have been home. When we discovered the front door was locked (my family never locks the door, so I don’t carry a key), Danny told me to call my sister. She said that they went out for ice cream, but the back door might be unlocked. 


We went around to the back gate, and through the chain link fence I saw a white pathway, strewn with rose petals that led to a table. Romantic music played, and on the table was champagne and two glasses lit by a beautiful lantern. All around, lights were hung in the trees. It felt like a fairy tale.

As Danny struggled to open the fence, I had to assist him. Once we entered, I heard the song “Marry Me” by Train filling the air. At that moment, I knew this was it, and tears began pouring down my face. We walked down the white path and he started talking about our beautiful journey together. Tears filled his eyes as he relayed how he had come over to my parent’s house so many times. This is where we had gotten to know each other, this is where we had fallen in love, and he told me this is where he wanted us to start our life together. He pulled out a white box; and inside was a beautiful sapphire ring, coupled with two marquis cut diamonds. Danny had worked with Aidah Jewelry, a local jewelry designer, to make the perfect ring he knew I would love.


He asked me to dance, and as he held me, I cried and laughed, filled with so much joy! As the song ended, he called to his dad and brother, who had been hiding in the bushes with cameras capturing this precious moment. Fifteen minutes later, we were all inside my family home with both of our families. We celebrated, and both our fathers toasted to our future. It was the perfect proposal, made more perfect by the man I love.

In the next installment of Quickly Becoming Conley, the Journey to I Do gets officially underway! Danny and I start making important decisions. What should we tackle first? Find out!  

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