Fifty years ago, weddings were all pretty much the same no matter how much money you spent. Get married in the church or synagogue then have a reception. The style was usually the same—formal and elegant. But today the possibilities are endless. I’ve seen everything from barefoot weddings on the beach to barnyard weddings complete with cowboy boots.

I titled this blog “Pinterest is a Girl’s Best Friend,” but I could have added “…and worst enemy.” That’s because I planned almost every detail of my wedding décor on Pinterest. It gave me inspiration and tons of practical tips. But there’s an expression, “my eyes were bigger than my stomach.” There were so many cool ideas that I went a little Pinterest crazy. I started pinning away—everything I liked, everything I thought was unique and everything that was pretty. By the time it was all said and done, I had at least five different styles and almost a dozen color schemes. There was too much! 

To help narrow down the options, I made a new, secret board on Pinterest. There, Danny and I selectively pinned different ideas by asking these three questions:

1) What atmosphere or feel did we want our wedding to have?

Nowadays, there’s tons of options to choose from. Are you and your fiancé more laid-back or formal? Are you old-school elegance or offbeat and eclectic? Are you contemporary or rustic? Danny and I love the outdoors. When we chose our venue, we specifically chose an outdoor location. The Hermitage Museum is a venue that will lend itself to many styles, but we chose a more rustic feel. Since our wedding is in the fall, we knew this would create a beautiful, autumn feel. We also wanted our guests to feel more relaxed and less formal.

Fall is our favorite season.

2) What colors lend themselves to your theme?

Pinterest made this SO EASY! If you look up “wedding colors” and pick the season you are getting married, the website pops up with tons of color palettes to choose from. It was hard to pick one because each combination brought new, exciting possibilities, but there was one that stood out. We chose gray, dark blue and burgundy. These rich hues will be so beautiful against the backdrop of autumn’s changing leaves.

3) What do you want your décor to look like?

Finding centerpieces you like will help focus your décor ideas. Do you like crystal, glitter, lots of candles…? Rustic themed weddings have tons of possibilities, from hay bales to cornucopia. We are using mason jars to hold simple flower arrangements, small votive candles wrapped with twine and colorful, antique books.

Danny and I decided to stay away from a formal, sit-down reception. This opened up a world of seating options and alternative table options. We decided to use crates for people to set their food or drinks on. Since crates can also be shelving, we can put rustic decorations on the inside. Our food will be served on a long, barn table.

Lighting creates a certain atmosphere better than anything else. When we looked at pictures of evening weddings, what always stood out was lighting. We decided to go with exposed bulbs hanging over of the dance floor, suspended on wine barrels.

If you would like to see our Pinterest board with our #BecomingConley wedding ideas, click here!


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