Welcome back to Quickly Becoming Conley! Every week you’ll learn more ins and outs of planning a wedding in just a few short months. Our wedding is now just three months away! Eek! Since you’re following Danny and my journey, here is our story.

Danny and I are very different people. This difference is best seen in our high school experiences. Danny played sports, served on the student council and was crowned Homecoming King. He remembers the majority of his senior class by name. My experience was quite different. I was a geek, specifically a drama geek. I took drama every year in high school, sang in the choir and had a role in every school musical. I was also painfully shy. 

Danny and I met at Atlantic Shores Christian School, where we both were substitute teachers. I remember the first time I saw him. I thought, “Wow, where did this hot guy come from?” Yet, for a year, we worked together but never spoke, just waved and smiled as we passed each other in the hallway. But working at the school’s summer camp together in 2014 finally broke the silence. We began a feisty flirtation that involved pranks, such as Danny hiding around corners and popping out to scare me. We also had lively sessions of smack talk, asking campers to choose which of us was their favorite counselor. 

As summer ended, we had established a friendship, and I honestly had no idea he was interested in me. But he befriended my sister and started telling her his feelings; she was more than happy to serve as matchmaker. When she first told me he liked me, I couldn’t believe it. But slowly our relationship developed. We took coffee breaks together in-between our substitute teaching responsibilities, spent time with my family playing cards and, of course, watched Netflix like every good millennial couple. 


By the time summer camp 2015 rolled around, we had begun dating. We both knew that this was it and that the relationship was leading to marriage. To date, we’ve been together for a year. It’s been a year of joy like I’ve never known, but we’ve also had to work through frustrations and misunderstandings. Together, we’ve built something beautiful.

This week will feature two blogs. Come back Thursday to hear how Danny popped the question. And be sure to Like the COVA Bride Blog Facebook page to continue following our Journey to I Do. They say that a teacher only needs to be one day ahead of her students, so learn from me as I stay one step ahead planning this wedding in a very short amount of time. You will read about finding a venue, getting your to-do list in order, feeding your guests and more! Every week will feature great tips and funny stories. 

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