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I know I know, it’s the New Year, so I’m talking salads. If you’re like anyone else, you’re probably trying to get more greens in your diet. I love my veggies, but if I’m choosing between dessert and getting in my greens, you can bet I’ll choose the former. As you can see, this is more like a year-round goal for me.

It all started with a stack of collards I picked up from Shore Drive Farm Market last weekend. I’m sure you’ve been in the same boat: collards are inexpensive, so you buy a bundle, then you wonder, ‘Now what?’ Sure you can steam them and douse them in apple cider vinegar, or you can get a little more creative. 

Salads can get a bad rap if they’re not given some TLC. I’m talking going the extra mile with more than just some dressing and brittle, store-bought croutons. This salad from Food52 boasts the right amount of greens while still making me feel like I’m indulging. It’s so flavorful, sometimes I even forget I’m eating a salad. Allow me to explain. There are some non-salad suspects here, and they downright work. The parmesan and breadcrumbs roll together to become little almost cheese curd-like chewy, blissful bites. Instead of an oily or overly-creamy dressing, pepperoncini peppers and red pepper flakes pair with a generous helping of fresh squeezed lemon juice oh so wonderfully.

If your excuse is “salads just don’t fill me up,” here’s a solution: bulk it up with couscous, barley, quinoa or whatever grain you have on hand to make this salad a staple in your weekly rotation.

So, if you’re trying to get more greens in, this is for you. If you’re wondering what to do with the wad of collards, think of this as the gateway salad to sneaking in those much needed veggies into your everyday diet. And if your salad combinations are simply making you snooze, this will surely shake things up.

Find the recipe here.

Looking for more salad inspiration? Here’s my recipe for a Winter Squash Salad.

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