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Dog running with a person in a recumbent wheelchair bike

Running with Rover

From 5Ks and marathons to everything in between, Kim “Rooster” Rossiter and his daughter Ainsley ran 100 races together during her life. When she passed away in 2016 from a rare neurological disorder, Rossiter kept on running … and running. He headed outside to heal for an impressive 1,492 days straight. Due to Ainsley’s inability [...]

Pet Adoption Featured

A New Life for Gus and Stella

By Kimberly Sherlaw Huddled in wire crates, siblings Gus and Stella arrived at the Norfolk SPCA unable even to look in the direction of a human. Found wandering in rural North Carolina and eventually trapped by local animal welfare officers, these noticeably neglected retrievers received a second chance at life at the Norfolk SPCA's Adoption [...]

Dog Treats Featured

Homemade Dog Food and Biscuits

Even during the pandemic, our local restaurants have been creative in coming up with new recipes and new ways to enjoy our old favorites. And the gourmets among us have been busy in the kitchen taking quarantine cooking to new heights. But what about our four-legged friends? Don’t they deserve a homemade meal? Local cooking [...]

The Nautical Dog Featured

Set Sail at The Nautical Dog

Most pet owners can agree that we typically treat our furry friends better than we treat ourselves. We invest in the highest-quality foods, treats and gear that keep our beloved canines and felines happy and healthy. Amanda Wilbourne, owner of The Nautical Dog, is no different. “I promise no one is as picky as I [...]

Coach House Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Coach House

You can’t be all things to all people. And yet, Coach House comes close, checking every box from “grabbing a sandwich” to “hanging with buds” to “indulging in romantic three-course dinners.” It’s as convivial as a tavern, but evocative cocktails and selectively savvy wines dispel any notion it’s merely a watering hole. Cuisine and service [...]

Callicoon Kitchen Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Callicoon Kitchen

What began as a humble food blog managed from a riverside farmhouse in upstate New York is now a rustic, full-service plant-based kitchen in Virginia Beach. The Hilltop market, dubbed Callicoon Kitchen, opened for business in August 2020 as a healthy brunch and lunch spot. Its menu delivers a host of international, plant-based plates ranging [...]

Baby Izakaya Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Baby Izakaya

What the pub is to Ireland and the tapas bar is to Spain, so the izakaya is to Japan. Kevin Ordonez (already a star in our culinary firmament with Ghent’s Alkaline) modifies his ukiyo-styled ViBe spot with Baby Izakaya because it’s nano-sized, intimacy being much of its charm. Of course, not so much in a [...]

Claytons Counter Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Clayton’s Counter Delicatessen

After years of envisioning a restaurant to call his own, Ralph Anderson finally made his dream a reality when he opened Clayton’s Counter Delicatessen in Virginia Beach. The cozy spot on Oceana Boulevard, perfect for grabbing a drink and a bite to eat or getting made-to-order carryout, officially opened Sept. 1, 2020 in a brand-new [...]

Roux Raw Bar Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Roux Raw Bar and Grill

In an intimate Hampton restaurant, a brightly colored wall mural and Bourbon Street-style second line soundtrack transports diners to Chef Charlton Minor’s idea of New Orleans. Complementing the sights are the Cajun flavors that Minor is serving up at Roux Raw Bar and Grill. Minor may be a familiar face to many, after working at [...]

New Restaurants Feature

New Restaurants to Try in 2021

Baby Izakaya Virginia Beach What the pub is to Ireland and the tapas bar is to Spain, so the izakaya is to Japan. Kevin Ordonez (already a star in our culinary firmament with Ghent’s Alkaline) modifies his ukiyo-styled ViBe spot with Baby because it’s nano-sized, intimacy being much of its charm. Click here to read [...]

Taste Of Texas Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: A Taste of Texas

Texas native Tim Dodd satisfied a local legion of barbecue enthusiasts in September when he opened a brick-and-mortar version of his A Taste of Texas food truck and catering business. The new space is located in an eclectic and hidden strip mall down the road from Lynnhaven Mall. Dodd and his smoking crew combat what [...]

Syds Fish Pig Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Syd’s FishPig Café

Fasten your serviettes, he’s back! Sydney Meers, Coastal Virginia’s ne plus ultra chef-artist extraordinaire, takes us on another wild, kaleidoscopic, epic epicurean ride at Selden Market where his decades of titillating senses (begun nearby at TheDumbwaiter in 1989, then Cowboy Syd’s, most recently Stove) culminate in this riotous fun house of fabulous food. Look left, [...]

Pink Dinghy Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: The Pink Dinghy

Listening to the story of The Pink Dinghy’s opening is a lesson in perseverance. Construction delays, an elderly woman crashing her Nissan into the side of the building…and then COVID, of course. It sounds unbelievable, but despite all of these setbacks, the fast-casual, Latin-inspired restaurant and market opened for take-out in April and then for full-service [...]

Orions Roof Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Orion’s Roof

While there are many eateries in Coastal Virginia boasting beautiful waterfront views, even seagulls might envy the nearly 360-degree vista of the Atlantic Ocean and the restored Cavalier Hotel that greets diners at Orion’s Roof atop the new Marriott at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. From this rarified vantage point, chef Hisashi Araki—previously of the acclaimed [...]

New Restaurants Feature

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Grandiflora Wine Garden

You know those dreamy magazine spreads of folks dining al fresco at bottle-laden rustic tables, perhaps in Tuscany or Sonoma? You’ll feel like you’re starring in one at Grandiflora, a butter-yellow wine bar and B&B in Chelsea that’s grounded in the concept of savoring life. And sustaining it. Owners Erin and Jason Edelman and Kenny [...]

Fin And Tonic Featured

New Restaurants to Try in 2021: Fin & Tonic

It would be easy to return nightly to chef-owner Kenny Sloane's Fin & Tonic, where small plates loom large in a more casual iteration of his original Fin Seafood in Newport News, happily sampling one's way through his comforting yet imaginative menu of (mostly) surf and (some) turf. And if the residents of 3800 Acqua [...]

Ivy Hotel Featured

Unlock the Mysteries of The Ivy Hotel

Photos courtesy of The Ivy Hotel I ascend to The Conservatory of The Ivy Hotel and am instantly struck by its grandeur. A roaring fire radiates through the space, illuminating both the panoramic view of the downstairs courtyard and a handful of champagne flutes perched neatly on a side table. Dark and resolute among a [...]

Billy The Kidden Rescue

Billy the Kidden Rescue Works Wonders for Cats

Billy the Kid may be history’s most notorious outlaw, but Virginia Beach-based Billy the Kidden Rescue (BTKR) has a far kinder and gentler reputation. Just ask Stevie Wonder, a fluffy gray and white cat who BTKR pulled from the Suffolk Humane Society with a long list of medical ailments, one of which ultimately led to [...]

Dr. Andrew Silverstone

Virginia Beach Veterinarian Andrew Silverstone Specializes in Unusual Clientele

A gecko comes in for a checkup. An ostentation of peacocks suffering from internal parasites seek a consultation and a cure. A large goldfish with a fatal condition that makes it look as if it’s being asphyxiated by a mass of orange caviar receives underwater surgery. A farmer brings in a chicken with respiratory issues. [...]

Nauticus Featured

What’s New at Nauticus in January and February

Nauticus and The Battleship Wisconsin will kick off 2021 with a new exhibit, educational events and a Black History Month celebration. Here’s what’s new and happening at Nauticus in January and February: Beginning Jan. 30: Planet or Plastic? Nauticus will feature the U.S. debut of the National Geographic exhibit, Planet or Plastic? This traveling exhibition [...]

Born Primitive featured

Born Primitive Fitness Apparel is Work Hard Wear

Photos courtesy of Born Primitive Born Primitive is much more than a brand. When enthusiasts exercise in their “apparel of the driven,” they embody a work hard, no excuses mentality that has been a secret to success for this local business. “From our inception, we wanted to create more than just a company, or a [...]

Jay Wennington Restaurant Stock Featured

2021 Restaurant Weeks in Coastal Virginia

The holiday season may be over, but it’s the most wonderful time of year for Coastal Virginia foodies. Over the next few months, participating restaurants throughout the region will be offering dining deals in conjunction with each city’s Restaurant Week. These Restaurant Weeks give diners a chance to savor multiple-course meals for lunch and dinner [...]

pet profile featured

Pet Issue Profiles

As anyone who has loved a dog, cat or other animal companion knows, our four-legged friends are so much more than that. During the pandemic, the special bond we share with our pets seemed all the more meaningful when the snuggles and tail wags we crave became welcome connections in a seemingly disconnected world. As [...]

Dave Alistair featured

Pet Issue Profiles: Dave Piatak

Dave Piatak Aerospace Engineer with NASA Langley Research Center Pet: Alistair, 8, Labrador-Blue Heeler Is being a real rocket scientist as cool as it sounds? Well, yes, according Dave Piatak. “What’s there not to love?!” Dave says, “I get to work on and impact the things that I dreamed of as a child.” Specifically, Dave specializes [...]

Nicholas Scully Dexter featured

Pet Issue Profiles: Nicholas S. Ilchyshyn

Nicholas S. Ilchyshyn Firefighter, Advanced EMT with Norfolk Fire-Rescue Pet: Dexter, 10, Husky-Akita-Cattle Dog and Scully, 8, Husky-Australian Shepherd “Wrestling with each other, wrestling with me, heck, they'd probably wrestle with Hulk Hogan if they got the chance,” Nick Ilchyshyn says of his two rambunctious rescue pups, Dexter and Scully, both named for TV show characters Nick [...]

Jen Billy featured

Pet Issue Profiles: Jen Lewis

Jen Lewis Radio/TV Personality with 92.9 The Wave Pet: Billy Baroo, 2, Petite Goldendoodle Coastal Virginia residents know Jen Lewis from her work in local radio and television for more than 20 years. These days, you can hear her on 92.9 The Wave where she loves the music she describes as “my life’s soundtrack,” interacting with [...]

Ricky Kodiak Featured

Pet Issue Profiles: Ricky Rahne

Ricky Rahne Head Football Coach for Old Dominion University Pet: Kodiak, 3, Saint Bernard It’s a big move for a big dog. But Kodiak the Saint Bernard is finally getting adjusted to his new life in Norfolk since owner Ricky Rahne transplanted from Pennsylvania along with his family to take on the head coaching position for ODU [...]

Tina Tigger featured

Pet Issue Profiles: Tina Banks-Gray

Tina Banks-Gray School Board Member with the City of Hampton Pet: Tigger, 17, Bichon Frise Since leaving a breeder in Missouri to “live his best life” in Hampton 17 long years ago, Tigger just may love the city as much as his owner, Tina Banks-Gray, who serves as the Neighborhood Centers manager and as a member [...]